SERI’s Google group is a way for economists to keep themselves abreast of latest SERI initiatives, call for papers and conferences in India. Steps to join the mailing list:

  • Click on Wait to be redirected to SERI’s Google Group.
  • You will see either one of two messages: (A) “For access, try joining the group”, or (B) “For access, try logging in”.
  • In case of scenario A: Click on “try joining the group”, set your email preferences, and then “join group”. You should immediately have access to conversations in the google group.
  • In case of scenario B: Click on “try logging in” and sign in using your google credentials. You may have to create a google account if you already don’t have one. The page will redirect back to SERI google group and you will receive a message “You don’t have permission to access this content. For access, try joining the group or contacting the group’s owners and managers”. Click on “joining the group” and then click on “join group” on the next page.
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